Inner City Light

Inner City Light
Release date
16 March 2015
Inner City Light
16 March 2015 | techno

After four years of absence Mikael Delta is back with a new techno album entitled “Inner City Light”.

The album consists of 10 instrumental tracks, composed, arranged and recorded by Mikael Delta with analog synthesizers which have resulted to the mature sound effect of the final production.

There are obvious references to the dub techno Berlin music scene with repetitive hypnotic riffs of minor & major chords which along with obsessive rhythms of drum patterns create an audio narration.

One could say that “Inner City Light” is a story of  the urban landscapes of two cities, Athens and Berlin, set to music by the artist who is closely bound to them.

On a daily interesting and at the same time harsh reality these 10 tracks act as a project that connects like a bridge the cultures of the world through the power of music, techno music.

“ Inner City Light” has taken the 2nd place in this week’s bestselling albums @ Juno Download.



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